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Artificial Intelligence is making a transformative impact on the way we solve problems and build businesses. HyperLabel helps you execute on your visionary computer vision concepts.

Our Team

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Carlos Anchia

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos is an experienced technical leader driving best practices and enabling fast moving teams to deliver quality software platforms. He previously led engineering for companies that include Insteon, Distillery, CURAGO, and others.

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Elizabeth Shonnard

Chief Product Officer

Elizabeth is a serial product leader for compute-intensive, multi-layer software service platforms for analytics, big data and rich media learning. She previously led product for companies that include Bottlenose, Google, Alelo, Distillery, and others.

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Logan Spears

Chief Technology Officer

Logan is a hands-on innovator leading Sixgill solutions across IoT, Video AI and Machine Learning with a track record of advanced tech startup successes. He previously led innovative development at companies that include ShaleApps, among others.

Our Solution

An increasingly common (and increasingly problematic) misunderstanding is that large data volume is the only prerequisite to Machine Learning success. In fact, the quality of the data labeling for training datasets is the real key to smarter, faster ML model creation and deployment. HyperLabel provides a complete, easy-to-use desktop toolset to ensure labeling quality, with speed, accuracy and consistency. With complete data ownership, control and privacy, spend more time on training instead of building internal tools and integrations with labeling service.


HyperLabel is built by Sixgill, a provider of powerful solutions for IoE sensor data automation with edge ML and blockchain-based authenticity. Sixgill has developed and introduced a full suite of universal data automation products and services that enable enterprise organizations to govern IoE operations and assets and has partnered with leading global firms in multiple industries, from telecom and construction, to healthcare and chip makers.

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