The Fastest Path To Machine Learning

Create labeled datasets at hyper speed.


Accelerate your ML projects with the only free, end-to-end desktop application that’s fast, accurate, and private for data label creation in unlimited quantities.


Download it now to start labeling in minutes.


Faster, Easier, Better ML Labeling

HyperLabel gives you the speed your labeling needs with complete privacy and control.

Remove ML project bottlenecks caused by time-consuming data labeling. HyperLabel is built for individual data scientists, as well as ML teams and even large enterprises. From desktop downloads, to custom installations and managed services, HyperLabel gets you from zero-to-training easily, accurately, and at hyper speed.


  • Fast, Simple User Experience – Get from project setup to training dataset export in five simple steps. HyperLabel is easy and intuitive to use, even for non-engineers.
  • Quick Image Tools – Everything you need for speed is at your fingertips for image modification, handling and editing, as well as easy label copying from one image to the next.


  • Custom Schemas – Identify objects in image and video data with easy-to-select schema tools including rectangles, polygons, point, feature points, free text, select, and multi-select.
  • QA and Easy Export – A review panel makes it easier to manage labelers, track productivity, etc. Export formats include JSON, COCO, Pascal VOC, Create ML, and YOLO.


  • Complete Privacy and Control – There’s no need to upload image or video data to a HyperLabel cloud. With control via your desktop, simply import files from local drives or cloud storage.
  • Flexible Scalability – Individual developers, data scientists, and product owners, as well as large enterprise teams can flexibly manage projects of all sizes and complexity.

Need Help With Your Labeling Or ML Model Building?

Rely on our HyperLabel Studio Services and we’ll label your data and build your ML models for you.

The Only Free, End-to-End Desktop Labeling Application

Data Privacy

You can choose to keep data locally or use our cloud storage service.

Simple User Experience

Get from project setup to label export in 5 easy and intuitive steps.

Custom Schemas

Rectangles, polygons, point, feature points, free text, select, multi-select.

Flexible Scalability

Manage small-to-large, simple-to-complex labeling projects.

Easy Review & Export

Export formats include JSON, COCO, Pascal VOC, Create ML, and YOLO.

Managed Services

We are equipped to build your ML models and label your data.

Built by ML Developers for ML Developers

We’re not just a dev team behind the application, we’re super users too! We know firsthand that ML models are only as good as their training datasets, so we built HyperLabel from the ground up for top speed and quality while eliminating typical labeling bottlenecks.